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May 21, 2018

On our latest podcast, we recap opening weekend on the DI tournament where hosts held serve and why this year's regionals weren't exactly the most exciting, compared to years past.

Eric shares his thoughts on the classic Baton Rouge regional championship between LSU and Louisiana. He also touches on the illegal pitch controversy that took place with Northwestern in Athens and more issues with umpires in the sport. We take an early look at the Super Regional match-ups and which one's the guys are looking forward to most.

Victor then shares his thoughts on what he saw in Saint Leo where an epic South Super Regional took place as well as the eight teams heading to Salem for the DII World Series. He is joined by one of the head coaches going to Salem this year as West Chester's Diane Lokey comes on to talk about her Atlantic Region Champions. We close out the podcast breaking down the matchups, some interesting seeding, and the lack of national attention DII doesn't receive for their World Series.