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Aug 26, 2022

We have reached Championship Week in Season three of Athletes Unlimited, and there's still a lot to play for the week. We will look at all of the storylines in this AU-themed edition of In The Circle. The show starts with Eric Lopez and Victor Anderson recapping the leaderboard heading into the final week and who has the inside track to take home the title. We also discuss the potential of an all-Wildcat Top 4 at the end of Sunday.  

 Afterward, we chat with AU Broadcaster Eric Collins, who shares his perspective on why this season might be the best. He also reflects on his journey into broadcasting, including working for Team USA, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and much more. Eric also shares some advice for young broadcasters breaking into the field. 

 Our show wraps up with some news in Tuscaloosa and our final AU Pro Draft with a unique twist. Plus, we predict who will be crowned the Season three Champion.

 *Disclaimer: Portions of this episode were recorded before the Carol Hutchins retirement news