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Jun 27, 2022

Our latest edition of In The Circle begins our "New Faces in New Places" series with Victor Anderson's interview with new Troy Head Coach Eric Newell. In his first national interview since becoming Troy's new leader, Coach Newell shares the difficulty of his decision to leave Auburn-Montgomery and how his family's support led him to jump. Coach also reflects on his time at AUM, the keys to his success, and what Troy fans can expect from their program in the coming seasons.


Eric Lopez then chats with Victor about some more schools going to DII for their new head coaches, like South Dakota State and Akron, and if we'll see more of this down the road. We also have some words for the older FAU alumni and fans who were unhappy about the Owls' new hire in Jordan Clark plus, we wonder how Victor still has a voice after all the walk-offs he saw this weekend in Viera with the WPF.