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Apr 26, 2018

On this edition of In The Circle, Hall of Fame Coach Yvette Girouard joins the show to talk about the transition from coaching to broadcasting. Girouard discusses what it is like broadcasting games as well as comparing it to coaching and how she got involved in broadcasting. We then talk about her time at Louisiana (1981-2000) and leaving the Ragin Cajuns program to go to LSU (2001-2011). There were years of hard feelings, but she is now celebrated at both schools.

Girouard also discussed what made her decision to retire after 2011 season and how she had a connection with current LSU Head Coach Beth Torina even before Torina's arrival in 2012. We get Girouard's thoughts on Torina the coach as well as the current team and the new recruiting rules that just passed last week.

Also on this episode, Eric and Victor break down the Top 25 Player of the Year finalist as well as preview weekend action and implications for bubble teams and the NCAA Tournament. Eric and Victor also recap the NPF Draft.