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Jan 30, 2018

Coming up on this special edition of In The Circle on Fast Pitch News, Eric and Victor discuss the stunning news about the Akron Racers and Scrap Yard Dawgs with the NPF that broke Sunday night.

We start with the Racers who announced that they would be not returning in their current form in 2018 according to the league. What will be next for Joey Arrieta and company? What is the future for the Racers as we know them? We will be airing an interview Arrieta had with the radio Monday morning which we will share with you on the podcast.

Following that, Justin McLeod from Justin's World of Softball joins Eric to talk about the news of the Scrap Yard Dawgs leaving the NPF and Akron's future. Justin brings up the events that led us to where we are now and what's next for the league.