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Jun 18, 2018

On this edition of In The Circle, Virginia Wesleyan 's Head Coach Brandon Elliott talks about the Marlins winning the 2018 National Championship and going back-to-back.

Elliott talks about the Marlins run in the 2018 postseason which started on the road instead of at home. Elliott explains why that happened and shares all the dramatic moments that occurred during the run. Coach also talks about what winning a second national title means to the program.

Eric and Victor also talk about Jimmy Kolaitis being named Head Coach at UAB, and the impact it could make on future coaching hires as well as Kristen Butler becoming the new Head Coach at Rutgers

The guys also discuss the Texas job being one of most intriguing job openings since LSU opened in 2011 and what jobs if they were to open, would create as much intrigue and attention as the Texas job has?