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Feb 11, 2021

On this super packed edition of In The Circle, Eric Lopez talks with UCLA's Head Coach Kelly Inouye-Perez about the high expectations this season and getting Rachel Garcia and Bubba Nickles.

Inouye-Perez talks about Maya Brady's growth as a player and the traits she has from her mother, Maureen Brady, an All-American pitcher at Fresno State, and her uncle Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady.

In the episode, We talk with UCF's Head Coach Cindy Ball-Malone about their upcoming season and the American Conference going to a four-game series.

Plus, we hear from Texas Head Coach Mike White, who spoke for the first time publicly about Miranda Elish opting out of the 2021 season and the impact it has and will have. We also hear from Arizona Head Coach Mike Candrea and Alabama's Patrick Murphy.