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May 25, 2023

We are down to eight teams left in Division 2 and 16 each in D1 as well as D3. On this episode of In The Circle, we will break down all three divisions in one episode (because we can). First, Wayne Cavadi joins the podcast with his thoughts on Division 2 National Championships in Chattanooga and what teams have the best chance to win it all. 

After that, we are joined by ESPN's Maura Sheridan who was on the call for Washington's historic comeback Sunday with Nicole Mendes. She reflects on what she saw in Seattle throughout the weekend. She also looks back at meeting the moment as a broadcaster as Washington's comeback was happening. 
Eric and Victor take a look at each Super Regional and make their predictions. Some of the picks will surprise you. Victor also looks at a couple of Super Regionals in Division 3 and we have some announcements to share.