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Jan 30, 2023

On this episode of In The Circle, we head deep into the SEC. First, we talk to the reigning SEC Coach of the Year, Arkansas Head Coach Courtney Deifel. The Razorbacks look to make it three straight regular season conference crowns in 2023. Coach talks to In The Circle about the Arkansas program's increased attention and growth. Coach Deifel shares the outlook for her team this year as well as hosting the SEC Tournament at Bogle Park. She also has some thoughts on seeding the NCAA tournament, which has Eric Lopez thinking he might have a new executive producer of the pod (Victor Anderson is not going to be happy hearing that)

 Next, we head to Baton Rouge for our yearly preseason conversation with LSU Head Coach Beth Torina. The Tigers head into 2023 with a veteran roster, a Top 10 recruiting class, and visions of a deep run into June. Coach Torina talks with In The Circle about the Tiger's season outlook in 2023 and her thoughts on Instant Replay. She also has ideas on expanding the Tournaments seeding and the ever-growing Torina coaching tree.

 We wrap up the show with another yearly tradition; our conversation with Kentucky Head Coach Rachel Lawson as the Wildcats are prime for another deep postseason run. Coach Lawson talks to In the Circle about the Wildcat's season outlook and the Cats returning in 2023. She also talks about expanding the coaching staff full-time, Instant Replay, Seeding the top 32 teams in the Tournament, and more. Also, she has a little suggestion for her long-time SID, Chris Shoals.