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Sep 17, 2018

On this latest appearance In The Circle, we break down the lawsuit being filed against Louisiana-Lafayette and dive into the issue of gender equity as a whole. We read some of the key points from a statement released late last week,

Eric chats with Clint Domingue of 103.7 The Game about the lawsuit and what some of the ramifications could be as time moves on. Clint discusses what got us to this point and what could be next for Louisiana.

The guys then talk about the issue of gender equity off the heels of Serena Williams' meltdown during the US Open finals recently which included her saying that her deductions wouldn't happen if she was a male. This leads to a discussion about gender equity with coaching hires in softball. Is there a perceived agenda about hiring certain coaches? The guys break it down and widen it out to a minority perspective with getting more ethnic groups involved in the sport.

We wrap up the podcast with a breakdown of the Mary Nutter Classic as well as the Puerto Vallarta College Challenge which has some interesting matchups involving Washington, Arkansas, and UCF. We also talk about coaching moves in DII and DIII as well as feedback from the fans.