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Dec 15, 2022

We have a very special guest joining us on our latest episode of In The Circle. In this episode, we're joined by ESPN's Courtney Lyle, who will lead the coverage of the NCAA Women's Volleyball National Semifinals starting at 7 pm Thursday and the National Championship match Saturday night on Saturday night ESPN2 at 730pm. She chats with Eric Lopez about calling the NCAA Volleyball Final Four and her preparation for the event. Lyle breaks down calling various sports, comparing different sports, and the most significant differences from as play-by-play versus hosting. 

She shares her path to ESPN coming from Tennessee, a comparison in the growth of Softball and Volleyball, and working with different analysts. Lyle compared San Diego to Volleyball Final Four to JMU's run into WCWS in 2021. Lastly, she provides her perspective on broadcasting last year's Big 12 Tournament on Instagram when being knocked off the TV airwaves.