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Aug 22, 2022

Something feels a little different on today's episode of In The Circle. Maybe it's because schools are back in session? Maybe it is because football is starting back up soon? Or maybe SOMEONE doesn't want to show their face after Eric Lopez embarrassed them in this past week's AU Fantasy Draft? Depending on your preference, we have you covered as Jenna Becerra joins the podcast. She reflects on Bleav In Softball reaching their 100th episode. She also talks about what she has learned about hosting 100 episodes and booking guests like Dr. Dot Richardson, Jessica Mendoza, Cat Osterman, and more. Becerra also discusses her 2021 broadcast season between the Pac-12 Network and Stanford radio, serving as Play-by-Play and Color Analyst.

Victor Anderson FINALLY shows up at the end of the show to reflect on this past week in Athletes Unlimited and what we can expect during Championship Week in Rosemont.