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Dec 5, 2022

On our latest episode of In The Circle, we travel back to the Big Ten and two programs looking to make it back to the NCAA Tournament in 2023. First, Illinois Associate Head Coach Laura Trout returns to the podcast. The Fighting Illini had a breakout in 2022 under Head Coach Tyra Perry, winning 34 games and making the tournament for the fourth time under Coach Perry. Eric Lopez caught up with Coach Trout to reflect on last year's success. They also discussed the outlook for Fighting Illini in 2023, the strength of the Big Ten, Instant Replay, and more.

 Afterward, we head to Madison and talk to Badger Associate Head Coach Kirsten Verdun. Wisconsin also made it to the NCAA Tournament last year, thanks to a 31-win season under Yvette Healey. Coach Verdun talks to In The Circle about her outlook on the Badgers season coming off a regional final in Gainesville. She also reflects on her coaching journey and playing career at DePaul.

 We wrap up the show with our thoughts on some of the best softball stadiums in America and why Victor Anderson has a rule to implement regarding making lists.