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Sep 26, 2019

On our latest appearance In The Circle, we are joined by new Louisiana Tech Head Coach Maria Winn-Ratliff. She shares her thoughts on being named head coach (4:36), adjusting from coaching Junior College to Division I (9:24), and what Lady Techester fans can expect in 2020 (12:22)

Eric is then joined by Tampa Mustangs' Recruiting Director David Handler. He shares with us his responsibilities with the organization (23:40), how the Mustangs' came to be (29:20), plus the legacy of the late Ray Seymore (35:52)

Victor then shares some of the familiar names who were a part of the Tampa Mustangs including current NPF champions and some current coaches. Our #TBT features UNF assistant coach Jeff Conrad from his appearance in March 2017 sharing his time with the Tampa Mustangs.

We wrap up the show with a major announcement on a future podcast guest