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Mar 29, 2018

Our latest episode has Eric calling from Houston where he will cover the AAC match-up between UCF and Houston with Victor back in the studio.

Eric is joined by North Georgia Head Coach Mike Davenport who has the Nighthawks ranked No. 2 in the latest NFCA Division II poll. Coach Davenport talks about his 2018 team and where they are as they look primed for another championship run. He shares with us how he ended up in North Georgia, and the investment his university has provided to his team. Coach Davenport also chats about his time in the NPF with the USSSA Pride and why North Georgia feels comfortable staying where they are in the Peach Belt.

After Eric finishes with Coach Davenport, Victor shares his thoughts on who are the top coaches in Division II and where Coach Davenport ranks among them. The guys take a look at the NPF announcing the 2018 Championship Series going to Rosemont and switching to a Best-of-five format. We wrap up by taking a look around some of the marquee match-ups this week including an SEC tilt in College Station and a Big 12 showdown in Waco with Baylor versus Oklahoma. The discussion about the series serves as a segway to how Eric feels the committee (surprise, surprise) has unfairly punished the Sooners. We also talk about our FPN Players of the Week and Eric (again) railing about how people still clamoring for women's basketball.