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Feb 12, 2018

On this edition of In The Circle, Eric Lopez talks to former Chicago Bandit NPF Champion and Northwestern star Emily Allard about the issues in the NPF as well as concussions in the sport of softball.

Eric and Victor start the episode by recapping the controversial ending to the Tennessee-Utah game which ended with an obstruction call which gave the Vols a walk-off win. Was the call correct? Were the new rules applied this weekend? Eric and Victor break it down.

Then Eric is joined by Emily Allard who talks about her new role as Marketing & Sponsorship Specialist at the NFCA. Allard talks about working with the NFCA and what it is like being involved in Softball off the field instead of on it.

Allard discusses her ongoing battle with post-concussion.  She suffered one during the NPF season in June of 2016 when she was running to catch a high fly ball down the left field line and slammed full speed into a three-foot fence.

Allard talks about how she has dealt with it since and the issue of concussions in softball as well as if pitchers should wear masks for protection?

We also talk about all the problems in the NPF and what are some things that all parties can do. What players, coaches, owners and the league can do to improve and grow the NPF. Allard shares some of her ideas to improve the game and obstacles the league faces.

Allard also discusses what influenced her to play at Northwestern and what she learned there. Finally, we discuss her time in the NPF with the Bandits which included being part of an NPF Championship in 2015 and the Bandits vs. Pride rivalry.