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Apr 23, 2018

On the latest episode of In The Circle, we talk about the controversial call that took place Saturday between No. 1 Washington and No. 4 UCLA. Eric vents about the lack of accountability for umpires, how this is a part of a more significant problem in the sport, and we share possible suggestions for reprimanding umpires with similar situations. Eric also asks if this is an issue softball fans actually want to bring up.

After Eric calms down, we break down the NFCA ruling in favor of curtailing early recruitment. We share thoughts from previous interviews with Ole Miss' Mike Smith and NFCA President and Tennessee head coach Karen Weekly about early recruiting. Victor brings up the real possibility about some last minute stories that could happen.

We're then joined by Florida Tech head coach Val Silvestrini who has her Panthers in contention to make the NCAA Tournament heading into the final week of the regular season. She is wrapping up her ninth season at the helm and talks about how she ended up in Melbourne as well as playing for her native Argentina for nearly a decade. Coach Silvestrini also talks about the improvement of the Sunshine State Conference and how she feels that a conference tournament would benefit the league.

We wrap up the podcast by breaking down the first DII regional rankings and what conference is ranked the second toughest in America according to Massey.