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Dec 28, 2017

On this edition of In The Circle on Fastpitch News, we are joined by Hofstra Head Coach Larissa Anderson and we continue our year in review.

Anderson talks about the transition she has made now entering her fourth season as Head Coach after spending so many years as an associate coach under Hall of Fame Head Bill Edwards. 

Coach also talked about Hofstra tradition and how they are just one of few schools in the country that is more known for their softball program then Football, Basketball or Baseball.

We also talked about the Hofstra-James Madison rivalry and the Colonial Conference. Then we look back to when Hofstra hosted the NCAA Tournament regionals from 2006-2008 and winning the Los Angeles regional in 2012.

Also on this episode, Eric and Victor talk about the top stories in 2017 which includes Mickey Dean leaving James Madison for Auburn and the turmoil that took place at Auburn and Louisiana. The guys also recap Oklahoma's incredible run at the WCWS and the mainstream success the Women's College Series had overall.