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Jul 17, 2023

Another week has come and it's time to recap it all (as best as we can) on the latest edition of In The Circle. Today's episode has a little bit of everything which starts with USA Softball clinching their bid into next year's World Cup. We hear from Team USA Head Coach Heather Tarr and evaluate where Great Britain stands after their outstanding performance. 
We next head to San Antonio and chat with new UTSA Head Coach Vann Studeman as she returns to the head coaching game. She shares what led her to the Road Runners and navigating the move to The American. She also talks about her sister and UAH HC Les Studeman as well as her thoughts on her career so far. 
After our chat, we look a very busy Friday of news which included changes at Ole Miss, a reunion in Charlotte, and Oklahoma adding another arm via the portal. We wrap up our episode with Victor reflecting on what he saw in the WPF and Smash It Sports' dramatic comeback versus Oklahoma City. Was this the craziest game Victor ever got to call?